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Friday, July 21, 2006



ive had an on going crush on this guy for a while, i first noticed i liked him, the first day of second semester of my senior year. he was in a class of mine and i could never keep my eyes off of him. we became friends, and that has since elevated to the discussion of us "getting it on", and as much as i want to and fantasize about it, i dont know if i could ever go through with it, i mean ive been alone with him, but something about him intimidates me to the highest extent. which is funny, because im usually the cold bitch, that breaks your heart and makes you cry, but i cant seem to get him out of my mind and its been something like 2 years since this crush began. i compair every guy i date to him, i think about him when im sleeping with other guys, we havent even kissed! maybe hes just the one thats always a step ahead, and it makes me want him more, hah, gah! it sucks to want what you cant have!


I make calls to random people out of a phonebook and try to have conversations with them. I pretend to be a person taking a poll for a large media corporation and talk to them about television shows etc.. My longest was 3 hours. It was to an old lady that thought I was her son. She was so happy to talk to me and she was pretty convinced I was her son so I went along with it. I'm up to about 80 calls a day and I've even registered my phone number under National Telecom Survey Services or something like that so it shows up on their caller ID like that. Most of the calls are misses, seems to me that the magic number is 76% misses. I'm not aggressive or anything and never pushy but I'm working on subtle techniques to keep them on the phone.
I guess I'm lonely.


I want u so badly right now. Please come back to me. I need u. I want u. I love u. Can't u see that? It's killing me how much this hurts.
Please just come back.


about a year ago a got with another girl at a party when i was drunk. i was really freaked out the next day. She come up to me and we were talking and she told me that her last relationship was with a girl. Well to cut a long story short we ended up dating and i've fell in love with her. When my family and friends found out some of them didn't talk to my over it and my elder sister disowned me. but i was in love and i believed she loved me. But about 4 months ago her ex gf called her and the next day i was dumped. i tryed so hard not to let in get to me but its so hard. in the end the ex has left and has moved to the ACT but my love is waiting for her. I live with her and am always telling her that i love her and that i want her to me mine. She saids she loves me to. But that she has to wait for herex that she also loves. We are always hooking up and we act like we are a couple. But we always fight, when fighting she says really mean hurtfull things to me and tells me that she hates me. i'm trying to stick by her cause i love her and my life is her. I do anything for her. But for the past 2 months i feel like she doesn't really care about me and she treats me like shit. i can't do this anymore i'm feeling so depressed but whatever i try and leave i can't and i come back and nothing changes. I don't know what to do


I think I'm falling in love with my boyfriend's friend. He seems so perfect, and I keep having dreams about him, and I can't stop. Sometimes I think he knows, sometimes I think he likes me, and sometimes I would bet my life that he wishes I would leave him the hell alone. What am I going to do? I can't get rid of my boyfriend, it's been almost a year.. and he'd be crushed, I just wish I could make this feeling go away. Or at least stop thinking about him.


I dont know what I am doing anymore. I am just floating in life. I have a good job, a great house, a nice sports car. But I still dont know what I am doing.

When will I ever figure out what lifes all about?

I feel like a slave


my friend and i decided to have an orgy at my house so we invited all the people from my dad's office. one of the guys had herpes and now i have all over my mouth. there is sores and puss everywhere and the worse thing is...
I'm pregnant


I never commit myself to anything, I have always relied on my natural ability. I'll do something, but wont put any work into, when ever I succeed I feel I could have done better.


i am black. i hate myself because of it too. i wish i was white


I kicked a bum...for no reason.
He was just sitting on the side of the road with a crate full of odds and ends, eating an old sandwich...and I kicked him right in his stomach at least 7 times. As I walked away I could hear him crying out loud for help.
I'm not sorry.


I robbed a store once. I don't feel bad about it necessarity but I've always felt I've been cursed since. I needed the money


I'm still in love with my ex-girlfriend who has a new boyfriend. I still think about her all the time.
We've fooled around twice and had a ton of phone sex since I found out, and I enjoyed every second of it.